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The Basics Of Introducing Modern Kitchen Design Into Your Home

Mar 21, 2018 ALL

If you’re thinking of modernising your kitchen, it probably seems like a huge task – but it shouldn’t worry you. The ideas behind modern kitchen design have more to do with practicality and making life easier than they do with any grand artistic vision. A great place to start when designing your new kitchen is to work out the basics of which amenities you require – and which layout to choose (and why).


Bit By Bit

When updating your kitchen to a more modern look, it’s important to prioritise and emphasise the elements of your kitchen which you care about most. If you’re a keen cook, this means it’s important to focus on a well-planned space with plenty of bench surfaces, and lots of storage. If you’re a messy cook (or if you have a large or growing family), it might be better to focus on the installation of easy to clean and care for surfaces.

Designing a modern kitchen is about finding the bits that suit your lifestyle and your aesthetic – and customising them to fit your house. If you’re in a small apartment or unit, your needs will be different to those who are in a large, open plan space. Use the layout of your home to inform the decision making and planning process.


Clean & Bright

A modern kitchen is well-lit, clean and easy to care for. Gone are the days of aged grout and porous surfaces. Modern kitchen designs utilise clever surface materials while re-thinking the use of older materials so that they may work in more intuitive or modern ways.

Tiles are now far more exciting than ever. There’s much more than basic ceramic squares on offer – with mixed and matched colours and shapes able to express and mood or design. Even grout has been redesigned and re-engineered to better withstand moisture and discolouration.


Taking Shape

The layout and shape of your new kitchen will also influence how you use it. Most modern kitchens utilise either a ‘U’ shaped or ‘L’ shaped design – meaning that the benches form these letter shapes. Which shape you choose depends not only on the space and layout of your house, but also on practical factors, such as whether you intend to dine in the kitchen, and whether you require extra space for appliances or other features.

Many modern kitchen designs also give the added practicality of having everything you need within easy reach – meaning that you don’t have to stress over organising where you store things for easier access.


Choose Your Own Adventure

If you’re a member of a household with a large extended family, or if you’re a family who enjoys using the kitchen for social activities, it may be important to you that the kitchen integrates some extra dining or seating areas. This can be in the form of a bench, a breakfast nook, or through a bench-end table.

Such options provide your kitchen with the needed extra flexibility to be able to handle any formal or informal occasions. Depending on the space available in your home, you may even be able to do away with the idea of a separate dining area altogether – leaving you free to better use the space in your dining area.

Designing a modern kitchen is all about finding solutions to your needs – whether it’s about creating a layout which works for you, or updating the materials in your kitchen so that it’s easier to clean and care for. If you’re ready to begin the journey to a better, brighter and more modern kitchen design, get in touch with the experts at Brentwood Kitchens today on 03 9707 1999.