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A Culinary Classic – The Art of Victorian Kitchen Design


One of the joys of owning your own home, apart from having a place to call your very own and relax in, is being able to design and decorate it any which way you see fit. From the ultra modern to the vintage, the choice is yours. You’re only restrained by two things – your imagination, and your budget. So if the sky’s the limit for either of these things, and you have a desire to reshape your kitchen in the classic Victorian kitchen design, read on to discover how to transform your kitchen into a culinary classic.

Victorian Kitchen Design 

Before we delve into the kitchen design hints and tips, it’s worth taking a bit of time to explain the Victorian kitchen design. Named after the duration of Queen Victoria’s reign (1837-1901), there were many different elements to Victorian interiors. The style emerged as the lower classes attempted to emulate the homes of the ruling elite. Wallpaper became mass-produced and therefore popular, and parquet or mid-toned flooring was all the rage. Clutter was in, so every room was furnished to the hilt. Now let’s move onto that kitchen…

Timber is the Way to Go

Wooden cabinets are a definite choice if you’re trying to emulate the Victorian style. Cream, white or natural timber cabinets are some good options. For benchtops, you can opt for some nice polished oak or teak. Just remember to treat your wood regularly to keep it intact, as it will see splashes of water and food bits and scraps on the regular.

No Kitchen is an Island

But your Victorian-inspired kitchen definitely needs one. A large cook’s table or island unit is the centerpiece of any kitchen modeling this era of history. Aim to match the colour to your cabinetry as discussed above, and if you’re feeling particularly daring and want to add a mild touch of the modern, then consider a white marble or other stone top to the island instead of oak or teak.

It’s the Little Touches That Count

As well as getting the larger details right, like your cabinets and kitchen island, it’s important not to forget the small things when designing and decorating in this style. For example, copper kettles were very popular during this era, so see if you can find a vintage copper kettle that’s been restored to its former glory. Pop this on your stove for an authentic Victorian kitchen design. An open wine rack and some wicker baskets (for fruit or knick-knacks) are a great idea too.

Don’t Forget the Art

Art can really hold a room together. Decorate your kitchen with some choice Victorian era artworks. While we realise that not everyone can afford genuine artworks from this period in time, you should be able to find some prints for a decent price. Don’t go overboard here though, choose up to two tasteful pieces to adorn your kitchen with. A portrait and a landscape are a good option that will complement each other tastefully.

There You Have It

Make sure you choose your cabinetry wisely and paint it in an off-white, white or cream colour. Choose oak or teak for your cabinet tops, or a bright white marble if you want to bring a touch of modern style into your Victorian-era kitchen. Opt for a similarly coloured kitchen island or cook’s table as your centerpiece. Add some nice little touches such as a copper kettle or some wicker baskets or open wine racks. Finally, choose a couple of Victorian-era art prints to decorate your walls. Enjoy your brand new space!