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How To Decide On The Ideal Splashback For Your Kitchen

Aug 28, 2017 ALL KITCHENS

If you’ve made the exciting choice to refresh your kitchen with a new splashback (or if you’re in the process of installing a new kitchen), then you’re probably wondering how to decide which splashback to choose for your kitchen.

It can be handy to approach your kitchen the way you would approach cooking a meal – ask yourself questions about whether the elements of your kitchen all fit together; do the individual ‘ingredients’ work in harmony, or do they distract from the overall outcome?

Consider The Material

The material you choose for your splashback will affect the overall feel and look of your kitchen. Selecting a traditional material (such as tiles) tells a different story than selecting a differing material (glass, metal, stone etc.).

The material you choose will also influence your ability to care for and clean your new splashback. Natural materials with a porous surface (such as stone) have different needs to glass. Tiles often require the use of grout – which also has its own cleaning procedures.

Care For Colour

The colour palette of your entire home may influence your final choice of a splashback.
If you’re looking to create a seamless transition from an open plan kitchen into a dining room, it’s a good idea to consider how your colour choice will affect the rest of the space.

Using colour to imbue your space with mood and energy is also a popular choice. Slate, charcoal, bone and ivory tones are always chic, but an injection of colour can lift your kitchen into a space where you enjoy cooking, eating and gathering.


The texture of your splashback is not only important from an aesthetic perspective – it can alter the appearance of your entire kitchen. As with the composition of the material, it also influences the way you care for it.

Textured tiles and stone can add a hint of nature and rustic charm to your kitchen, while polished metal and glass look sleek and modern, and are easy to care for.

Feature It

Using your splashback as a ‘feature wall’ is another option you can choose when deciding on your ideal splashback. If your kitchen is otherwise neutral, you can elect to make the space ‘pop’ with bright colour. Alternatively, if your space is highly stylised and coloured, a wall composed of sophisticated white tiles will help to emphasise the quality and aesthetics of other objects in your kitchen.


Whichever splashback you choose, Brentwood Kitchens can help you on your quest to select the best option for your home. Whether you’re after a traditional splashback, or a mirror-finished masterpiece, get in touch with Brentwood on 03 9707 1999.