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A Spotlight On European Kitchen Design Trends


If you’re looking for a little chic continental inspiration for your kitchen, looking towards European trends can be a great way to find little design details that can transform your space.

At Brentwood Kitchens, we’ve rounded up our top 4 European design trends that you can consider when designing your dream kitchen.

A Way Of Life

In a return to tradition, many European kitchen design trends centre of the social use of the kitchen as a meeting place. This includes socialising/dining in everyday large groups, informal parties and gatherings, and family time.

Many spaces feature large, open areas perfect for congregation or conversation. Dining spaces are also large and able to accommodate gatherings with shared food and drink. If you’re wanting to create a welcoming, warm place at the centre of your home, the kitchen is a great place to start.

Textures & Materials

There’s a real emphasis on marrying quality materials and varied textures. Current European trends feature plenty of concrete, mesh, glass, marble, wood, metal and stone. These materials are used in ways that highlight their quality and texture as much as their form.

Natural textures are emphasised above glossy perfection, with entire slabs of wood or marble being utilised as chunky countertops.

Natural Touch

There’s also an ongoing fixation on borrowing from nature through the use of woods, plants, living features and the clever implementation of lighting.

Plants have been particularly ubiquitous, with the luscious draping of foliage and green walls becoming a very common kitchen addition. Living features like integrated gardens add both practicality and freshness to an otherwise minimalist space. Lighting from sources other than a main overhead electric light (think large windows and natural lighting) is also highly visible and fashionable.

A Little Darker

There’s been a move to a darker colour palette, with white taking pause for the time being. Neutral dark colours, like chocolates, charcoals and smoke are being integrated into kitchen design through marble, stone and concrete benchtops and splashbacks.

Colour palettes are also more muted and based upon a fascination with natural elements. Pops of colour enter the kitchen through the aforementioned use of plants and living elements. If you’re looking to Europe for cues on how to refresh your kitchen this season, Brentwood Kitchens can help. No matter your design style or budget, there’s a style to suit your home.

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