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Take a look at some of our most common frequently asked questions from past clients.

  • Do you do kitchen facelifts?

    No, we only build complete kitchens, completely removing the existing kitchen and starting with a clean slate.

    At Brentwood Kitchens, we aim to build you a customised kitchen to suit you and your family’s needs, this usually comprises the whole of the cabinetry to complete your kitchen.

  • How much does a kitchen cost?

    This is a commonly asked question and one that is quite difficult to say without knowing what cabinetry, finishes and design you require.

    For an example of pricing please click here to view our transformation projects that have indicative prices.

  • How long does the kitchen manufacturing process take?

    In general terms, the process from the initial quote through to your finished kitchen will take somewhere in the timeline of 6-8 weeks. This of course depends on time and product availability. This meaning in general terms, you could be without a working kitchen for 1-2 weeks (dependant on
    chosen bench top materials). We do try to minimise this disruption to you and your family.

  • What is the process from start to finish?

    We have detailed our process on our Kitchen Renovations page – click here to view

  • How do we know what we will get?

    Our designer will discuss every aspect of your cabinetry with you and advise what things you need to consider along the way. Your contract will specify what cabinetry and finishes you have agreed upon.

  • Do you do obligation free quotes?

    When you are in a position to purchase your kitchen, Brentwood Kitchens will start the process of discussing your cabinetry needs, design and cost.

  • How much does a Brentwood Kitchen Cost and What are the payment terms?

    Our display kitchens are showcasing components and finishes and are not limited to design layouts. These displays are not complete or functioning kitchens; merely an example. Therefore, pricing is not applicable for our display. For indicative pricing on real projects please click here

  • Do we have a payment plan?

    Upon signing the contract for your new project, Brentwood kitchens will require a deposit of 10% and there will be 3 further progress payments as part of your contract (but we do not provide payment plans or interest free payments).

  • What trades would I require for a new kitchen?

    Multiple trades are necessary including: plumber, electrician, and possibly; plasterer and tiler (depending on your renovation requirements).

  • Do you take care of floor tiles?

    We can assist with your floor replacement and advise you if you will need new flooring. If you do want to keep your flooring, it may limit you to the same footprint (design) as your existing kitchen.

  • What things should I budget for?

    Our designer will advise you of your on costs so you have a clear understanding of your investment and inclusions. Here are some typical expenses or considerations.

    • Cabinetry and finishes
    • Removal of existing kitchen
    • Plumbing work – (disconnecting and re-connecting)
    • Electrical work – (disconnecting and re-connecting)
    • Tiler – Splashback and or/flooring
    • Plastering – bulkheads, re-cornice and patching
    • Appliances
  • Do you supply trades?

    Do you supply trades? Yes, we can organise all necessary trades for your renovation. We have long term reliable trades that we work with on a regular basis.