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Kitchen Renovation Advice For The Avid Home Cook


The kitchen is generally perceived to be the heartbeat of the home, where families come together and spend time socialising over a meal to unwind from the stresses of the day. As generally one of the most well-used rooms in any home, it plays a vital role in our daily lives by enabling us to fuel our bodies with energy and power through each day. However, for those of us that religiously watch popular cooking programmes on Netflix and strive to recreate such masterpieces under far less-pressured circumstances, home cooking has become more of a hobby than a necessity.

Despite such ambition from us avid home cooks, though, there will almost always be some form of limitation that denies us from almost replicating the inexplicably complicated creations that you can expect from some of the “completely amateur” contestants. In many cases, the restrictions preventing us from reaching similar heights to professional chefs with desserts like a Croquembouche are simply due to a lack of functionality and space. To overcome these obstacles, here are 4 kitchen renovation ideas for the avid home cook.


Space Saver

There’s nothing more annoying than not having enough space, whether it’s in the kitchen, in a queue, on a plane… But luckily enough, you can do something about your kitchen, so when it comes to designing a kitchen renovation it’s important to remember that creating more space gives us so much more time for activities! So rather than bulk out on more luxury items, adopting a more minimalist and compact approach with the furnishings will offer more floor space. And while ample storage is key in any kitchen, the usage of wall space and tall units spanning the overall height of the room will compensate for shallower counter units. Ultimately, larger appliances such as a washing machine, oven/stove, fridge/freezer cannot be avoided, but small-space models can fit the bill and withdrawing on the inclusion of a dishwasher and/or dryer will help to reduce space too.


A good home cook never blames their tools…

Unfortunately, being ill-equipped in the kitchen is a frustrating situation for any avid home cook, but that doesn’t have to be a problem with a kitchen renovation. By developing a list of what you need to fit the purpose of what you want to achieve, you can maximise the space of your kitchen and customise it to fit your home cooking needs and style. Whilst ensuring all of your essentials are in place, you should ensure to save some space to add more specialist equipment too as this will help you to get the most out of your kitchen. The addition of an island would instantly offer increased storage and functionality, whilst also significantly improving its aesthetic appeal.


Kitchen renovation on a budget

Kitchen renovations don’t always have to break the bank, and there are plenty of ways to create a beautiful looking, functional kitchen. Repainting your kitchen cabinets is one of the cheapest and easiest methods to creating a new look, whilst setting the colour theme for the rest of the room. Another great budget idea to change the appeal of your kitchen is by replacing the cabinet doors and handles, as they can bring a different kind of look and won’t cost too much. Should you need to replace your worktops, laminate is generally seen as the most cost-effective to purchase, which may free up spare cash for more functional extras. Replacing your kitchen floor is another simple way to change the overall look of your kitchen and there are plenty of options to fit every budget.


Design it for the avid home cook

Even if you’re not an avid home cook and you’re considering a kitchen renovation before putting the property up for sale, the person buying the home from you could be. So to ensure that it appeals to those who love to spend time in the kitchen cooking, why not redesign your kitchen renovation with the help of someone that does? With a fully-equipped kitchen and plenty of space/space-saving solutions, any avid home cook will be sure to succeed in replicating the chefs on their favourite cooking programmes in no time!