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The Aesthetic Auteur – Achieving Your Modern Kitchen Design Vision


Modern kitchen designs generally utilise a combination of modern design elements with traditional, industrial or a blend of other styles. Whatever your vision is, having that perfect kitchen is more about the research and planning of it, then a matter of forking over huge amounts of money. Take the time to know exactly what you want, without forgetting to add your own touch and element of personalisation. Here are some ideas to help you on your way to creating the ideal kitchen for your home.  

Start With a Neutral Base

Most modern kitchen designs keep the colour palette simple, confined to whites and neutral tones, with a splash of colour or personalisation. Painting walls white will make the room appear bigger and clean, but avoid going for a bright, stark white or you might feel like you are in a psychiatric ward. Opt for off-whites and greys or even very light, soft browns as a base for your kitchen. The same space in a dark colour will look much smaller and cramped, so save those for a feature or trimmings.

Let the Light In

Open up your kitchen with a skylight. Let the light flood in during the day and the stars and moon give a romantic feel at night. Putting a long skylight above your kitchen will really extend the visual space of your kitchen and give the room an airy, spacious and attention grabbing feature. Letting in the outside world will also make you feel free and less stressed.


If you only have a small space to work with, then roll with that and don’t try to fight it by trying to extend the bench out into the lounge room and subsequently affecting the space in that room. Modern kitchen design is all about modern living, so embrace the unit life and experiment with a kitchen cube idea – squaring off the ends and keeping everything neat and organised. Transparent furniture items can also help to extend the visual space and add a contemporary touch to your kitchen furnishings. Make the most of the space and have a counter top that can double as a kitchen bench. Adding plant life into your kitchen will also extend the space by creating a feeling of a natural living space.

Rough and Rustic

The old farmhouse style kitchen has been popular for some time, and remains so in modern kitchen designs. Adding that rustic touch with wood grain cabinets and basket storage can give your kitchen a much more homely feel. From your neutral base you can add warm wood elements, tiling and some heavy brassware. Hanging chopping boards and fruit, bread and egg baskets also bring out that farmhouse feeling while maximising the use of space at the same time.

Drawer Organisers

Modern kitchen design is all about making use of the space, especially smaller spaces for the millions of people living in small city apartments. Keeping your drawers and storage spaces organised, compartmentalised and neat and the bench tops clear will make the kitchen appear bigger. It will also make for a much nicer environment to cook in if the space is clutter free, neat and clean. There a plenty of great drawer organisers and smart storage options available, so try to make the most of every part of your kitchen.

Designing or remodelling your kitchen may seem like an overwhelming and complicated task, but if you break it down into manageable sections then the whole process will become enjoyable and as exciting as when you first began to conceive ideas of your kitchen vision.