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How to Revitalise Your Kitchen Design For the Summer

Dec 3, 2017 ALL KITCHENS

Summer is the time when the festive season kicks into full swing. Longer evenings, gatherings with family and friends and unplanned events. Everything seems to centre around the kitchen, and if you’ve let your kitchen design stagnate for too long, you’re probably a little bit nervous about the occasion.

Don’t fear – help is at hand. Brentwood Kitchens is happy to help you create a summer-styled kitchen that feels good to cook (and eat!) in.


Bright & Light

Bringing the brightness and cheer of the outdoors into your kitchen is a great way to channel the summer months. Kitchen lighting is now more playful and versatile than ever, with an array of stylish pendant lights, skylights and lanterns available to adorn your kitchen.

If your kitchen is open-plan or incorporates a dining space, try featuring (or ‘vignetting’) the dining space by utilising a selected light source. An artistic pendant light can provide both decoration and the required light for your space.

If you have the freedom to perform more drastic changes to your kitchen, a glass wall or skylight can open up the space dramatically, while incorporating soft, natural light.


Get Green

Getting green is about more than any environmental credentials you may or may not possess. Green is the colour of the season, and even Pantone is getting in on the fun with their colour of 2017 (aptly named ‘Greenery’).

Green accents, such as tiles and splashbacks, are a couple of ways you can inject a burst of this lively hue into your kitchen, without overwhelming the space or creating disharmony with other rooms or furnishings.

Another way to play with green is through the use of plants and flowers, and by placing them either permanently or decoratively around your kitchen space.


Stylish Tiles

Tiles have undergone somewhat of a renaissance in the past year or two, with subway, chevron and herringbone tiles being the preferred styles used by many interior designers and decorators.

Tiles give your kitchen design a sense of timelessness and class. They signal a link with bygone times while creating a clean, modern look which is highly-customisable and able to be changed and updated as the time and your tastes deem it necessary.

To incorporate tiles into your kitchen, you have many options. Floors, splashbacks and walls are all traditionally tiled spaces. Counters are also able to have tiling applied, and those more adventurous souls can experiment with different patterns, colours, textures and materials.


Good Wood

As with tiling, there has been a return to wood being used for both cabinetry and flooring. Wooden benchtops can change the look of your space while also creating harmony between other rooms and pieces of furniture. When used discerningly, wood is a great neutral accent and can help tie together more disparate kitchen design elements.

Parquetry floors are also an excellent kitchen flooring option, and they’re hardy, classic, and pair beautifully with intricate tiles.


Creating a summer-lovin’ kitchen is easier than you think. By combining some of the season’s hottest trends with classic, breezy styling, you can enjoy spending time in a kitchen you love. If you’re thinking of changing things up for summer, or just want to talk through some ideas, get in touch with Brentwood Kitchens today on 03 97071999.