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Rustic Redesign – Adding A Dash Of Nature To Your Charmingly Chic Kitchen

Mar 1, 2018 ALL

Most people enjoy the experience of cooking outdoors and in harmony with nature – think of the appeal of an afternoon barbeque in summer. Our surroundings influence us in ways which are conscious and subconscious – with the weather, vegetation and environment all affecting our moods and tastes.

A great way to enjoy the sensation of being at one with your surrounds is through updating your kitchen. At Brentwood Kitchens, we know that there are many ways you can recreate some of the best aspects of nature – without the threat of insect bites and inclement weather.


Nature Knows Best

When it comes to choosing surfaces for your kitchen which are classic, hard-wearing and able to be integrated with a wide range of designs, nature really does know best.

Wooden cabinetry and flooring for your kitchen is versatile and can be installed in a wide range of styles and finishes. From pale baltic hues to deeply stained timbers, there’s a way to bring the rich and earthy wooden accent of your dreams into your kitchen.


Indoor Wonders

There’s no avoiding the popularity of indoor plants – especially considering they’re both aesthetic and medicinal overachievers. Indoor plants provide a source of clean, green air through a constant process of photosynthesis – turning your expelled and stale air into fresh oxygen.

If you’re in the process of choosing indoor plants to adorn your kitchen, make sure they’re suitable for the type of environment and climate your individual kitchen provides. If your kitchen is dark with little natural light, look for plants which flourish in these conditions – like ferns. If your kitchen is sunny and well ventilated, choose plants which are encouraged by this, such as palms and flowering trees.


Small Scale Garden

Windowsill gardens are another way to integrate nature and greenery into your kitchen, with the added bonus of having a small footprint – useful if you’re in an apartment or tiny home.

A windowsill garden can be comprised of almost anything, but some time-tested combinations include herbs (chives, basil, parsley), baby tomatoes and succulents.

Remember to protect any porous surfaces (such as wood and concrete) by placing a drip tray or barrier beneath your plants. This will also help ensure that they catch excess water, whilst also keeping them hydrated throughout hot days.


Use Texture To Add Natural Appeal

Adding further texture to your greenery and wood can be done through the use of natural fibres, such as cane, bamboo and rattan. These fibres provide an earthy brown anchor to the brightness of green, and they’re also durable and able to stand fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

Some pieces to consider for your kitchen include rattan or cane baskets for your fresh produce, bamboo planter boxes, and cane chairs. These items combine practicality with a stylish bent, guaranteed to keep your kitchen looking and feeling great for years to come.

No matter your style or situation, there’s a high-quality, individual solution available for your kitchen. Get in touch with Brentwood Kitchens today on (03) 9707 1999 – we’ve got big ideas and handy advice about creating the kitchen of your dreams.