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The Budding Months – How To Style Your Kitchen For Spring

Sep 26, 2017 ALL KITCHENS

Spring is the natural end to the colder months, and with it comes warmth, colour and a burst of life. It’s also a natural time to enact change and to freshen up your home. If your kitchen is in need of a pop of colour, or a breath of life, the following guide might inspire you to take a leaf out of a new book.


Kitchen Spring Clean

A clean house is synonymous with spring, and many people take the opportunity to recreate the change of season outside in their home.

Other than the act of cleaning, spring also lends itself to a more simplified set of styles, with cleaner lines, less clutter and more clever use of space and storage. Spring colour palettes often feature pops of colour, and this year is no different. Clean hits of green, pastel pinks and blues, and muted greys sit beautifully against crisp whites and bone ivory.


Flower Power

Another excellent way to refresh your kitchen for spring is to utilise the outdoor bounty in the form of floral displays. More than ever, flowers are becoming a feature point of kitchen spaces, with bunches and blooms taking a central role in the decoration stakes in all trendy homes.

Florals can also be channelled through the choices you make in other areas of your kitchen, whether it’s in a decorative splashback, patterned or featured tiles, or in a colour pairing with another element in the kitchen – there is a multitude of ways to create a sense of floral interest.


Bringing The Outside In

The use of texture to mimic outside surfaces (concrete, marble, granite, wood) is another way to bring key signifiers of the season into your kitchen. Through either the judicious use of decorative objects or through a stylish refinish of your kitchen and surrounds, it’s easy to transform a staid winter palette into something lighter and more enduring.

Neutral coloured tiles and benchtops are an excellent place to start, with textured finishes able to bring life to more plain choices. Combined with some natural blooms, and a cull of any extraneous objects, your kitchen can go from drab to fab in no time at all.  


Pattern Mixing

Resisting the urge to make everything too uniform and ‘matchy’ will also help you to master the season’s key trends. Pairing bright pops of green with a floral accent can lift the mood in your kitchen considerably, while also adding a point of interest.

Another way to mix patterns is to use contrasting textures in an area – eg; counteract a wooden benchtop with concrete floors and tiled splashbacks. Playing with textures and tones keeps your kitchen visually appealing and fresh.


Spring has now well and truly sprung. If you’re trying to warm up your kitchen and give it a new lease on life, give Brentwood Kitchens a call today on 03 9707 1999.