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A Taste of 2018 – This Year’s Emerging Kitchen Design Trends


With unique interior design choices becoming increasingly popular, it is clear that there is a demand for professionally designed bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens. Impressive interior-invested people are always looking for the new kitchen design trends and new ideas to spruce up their kitchen with themes and atmospheres. Below, I have thoroughly outlined some of the top kitchen ideas for 2018 and why you should consider including them in your home.



Depending on your preferred style, tiles will likely take up a large surface area of the house, meaning they will have a strong influence on the design and overall theme of your home. They offer a great way to add colour or establish elements of simplicity, although, no matter what your intentions may be, tiles are something in your home that requires careful consideration. The trend that is currently rocking 2018 is the Herringbone tile, which is heavily introduced by the need to include unique and unusually patterned tiles as statement pieces in modern kitchens. Each pattern has a theme, but the Herringbone tiles lead the market with their traditional floorboard style. Designers are even starting to put these into walls for something different.


Raw Timber

It is found that timber in its ‘rawest’ form offers a natural aesthetic to any room and it’s hard to see why it wouldn’t. Furthermore, raw timber is something you can introduce into any room and what makes it even more versatile is that you can seamlessly incorporate it into any colour scheme. This trend is found common among many cafes, and with the multitude of coffee drinkers in Melbourne, many individuals find themselves pining for “cafe style” and feel the need to then include that theme within their own home. The major focus of this trend particularly is the lighter timber, such as Victoria Ash or White Oak, with their appealing textured edges and consistency. Normally, features like timber are introduced into benchtops in kitchens, although, this year it could be seen showcased across the entire kitchen.



Being one of the biggest kitchen colouring trends in 2017, Green is here to stay; remaining a top-pick during 2018. The easiest and most effective method of introducing green into your kitchen is to include indoor plants. Indoor plants add bold fresh tones and facilitate an organic atmosphere and set scenes of nature across your kitchen. Natural greenery not only brightens up your kitchens, it’s also an environmentally-friendly way to spruce up your scenery. Furthermore, why not include a plant that you could potentially incorporate into your cooking? Green is something everyone needs to consider including into their kitchen decor and design during 2018. With that said, if indoor plants aren’t for you, there are other available options to choose from. Another popular method of incorporating green into your kitchen is through the colour scheme of your cabinets. Giving them a fresh coat of green will add bold, fresh tones and is sure to make a statement.


Stones and Concrete

It is found that design elements, such as elegance and simplicity, are often influenced by the inclusion of stone and concrete surfaces; something that we find growing more popular as time goes on. Concrete and stone-influenced benchtops, homewares and ‘splashbacks’ are starting to prove a major trend, making this something to look out for in 2018. The great thing about this trend is that natural stones do not have a hefty price tag, making them convenient and easy for everyone. Furthermore, these elements of simplicity will allow more room for accessories throughout your kitchen, allowing you to have some fun and get creative.

Old trends will always fade as new ones emerge meaning it is important to be proactive with your design choices. Visit Brentwood Kitchens for the latest kitchen design ideas, or call us today on 03 9707 1999.