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Updating Your Kitchen Design For Potential Buyers

For many, your kitchen design is the centrepiece of the house. This is the one area that people want to be absolutely flawless, and it’s easy to see why. Your kitchen is one of the most important and frequented places in your home, and for the aspiring chefs among us, we want the stage to be set for our culinary artistry.

This is especially true when you’re looking to sell a home. Your kitchen design can have a striking impact on homebuyers, and because of this, it’s important to make sure that it’s flawless. At Brentwood Kitchens, we have provided luxurious kitchen designs to hundreds of families and individuals throughout Australia. So, with that in mind, let’s get into some tips for wowing buyers with your kitchen design.


Wooden Wisdom

While many redesigners opt for purely contemporary styles and materials, the traditional hardwood floor is still an immediately distinct, classic sign of quality. So, for a buyer that finds themselves looking downward, hardwood floors can become an immediate shot in the arm for your resale value.

For those that don’t have the capital to put into quality hardwood for your flooring, there is a wide array of alternatives on the market that offer a similar aesthetic. These include materials like vinyl and porcelain, which can still offer a classic look with a smaller cost. When selling your home, it’s important to consider the investment required for your redesigns compared to how much you’re expecting in returns.


New Cabinetry

Although shabby chic is often an appreciated stylistic trend, to a discerning buyer, outdated cabinetry will definitely lean on the “shabby” side of the scale. Buyers tend to prefer homes that won’t take a lot of alterations to reach their peak, and so the more handy work you can do before their viewing, the more appealing your property is likely to be.

Cabinetry can come in a range of designs, colours, and styles, so it’s important to think about your choice in relation to the overall style of your kitchen. Minimalist, modern cabinets will look stunningly impactful in a contemporary, mostly-monochromatic kitchen design. However, when placed in a cottage-style rustic setting, they are likely to look completely out of place.


Consider Your Kitchen Design Hardware

When rethinking your kitchen design for potential buyers, it’s often the minor upgrades that have a major impact on your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal. From new faucets to upgrading your cabinet knobs and hardware; there is an abundance of things that can be revised for a relatively small investment. Once again, remember that a new addition to your kitchen can’t reach its full potential unless it’s placed in an area that suits its style and design.



This is an enormous factor in your kitchen’s curb appeal, and yet it’s one that often falls below the radar in renovation plans. An outdated backsplash will date your home like few other things can. Luckily, when compared to the cost of other installations, backsplashes are relatively affordable; leading to a maximised ROI.


Brentwood Kitchens is one of the leading kitchen designers and renovators in Australia. To see what we can do for the sellability of your property, contact Brentwood Kitchens today!